Copea Pharma provide audit services tailored to your requirements. Copea has a team of experienced QP auditors that have a full range of dosage forms ensuring that the auditor fits your project requirements. Copea Pharma will help you to assess your supply chain and recommend any remediation that is required.

Copea Pharma auditors are experienced in remediation programmes where there have been Regulatory inspections that may impact your project and the ability to supply Product(s).

Copea Pharma will work closely with you as the client to ensure that all observations are completed in an appropriate manner within the timescale documented within the response

Pack manipulation

Copea Pharma can provide pack manipulation services, whether that is the removal and replacement of cartons and leaflets to the addition of labels. QP certification of the packs can then be performed along with distribution of the products.

QP certification

Copea Pharma’s experienced QPs can certify your commercial product upon entry into the EU. Copea Pharma’s QPs will work with you to ensure that the appropriate documentation and processes are in place to ease the transition of your Product(s) into the EU.

Importation testing

Copea Pharma can manage your importation testing requirements upon entry into the EU be these either analytical chemistry or microbiological testing. Copea Pharma works closely with their approved laboratory partners.

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